Thursday, January 09, 2014


What is it with me and making lamps? First I banged together this faux-70s marvel, and now I've gone and created another lamp for the opposite bedside table.

I think the appeal of making lamps lies in the fact that any random piece of junk becomes both a) cool and b) functional if it can somehow be made to light up. A cabbage, in and of itself, is just a potential coleslaw. But cram a light fitting into it and it's suddenly a transgressive piece of mood lighting... that makes your home smell like borscht.

With that in mind, I took a standard plastic flamingo lawn ornament and an old unused table lamp and made this:

Like most of the frankenfurniture that I cobble together, this one is less stable than Lemongrab after his fourth espresso. A mild bump against the bedside table will cause the flamingo to slump forward morosely, as if the indignity of having an 8 watt CFL bulb rammed up its butt suddenly got too much to bear.

However left alone is looks awesome. It also fills my bedroom with a bright pink glow, giving it that sexy boudoir feel that always comes with having a miniature glowing waterfowl in the vicinity.


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