Monday, October 24, 2011


After more than a decade of wear and tear, not to mention the flood of March last year that made it swell and pucker like a supermodel's lips after a bad collagen injection, the hardwood floor in my living room was dull, scuffed and discoloured.

However last week I finally got some professionals in to repair and sand and repolish. It meant moving out for three days, and dealing with varnish fumes when I did eventually get to move back in, but it was worth it.

Unfortunately the floor's liquid gleam has made everything else in that part of the house look dowdy and old-fashioned. So I spent the weekend weeding my way through ten years of accumulated art, occasional furniture, objects d'art and dustbunnies and paring everything back to a more modern, minimal look.

Well, minimal for me, anyway.

The only new things are the Mini cushions on the couch. But I've edited out a lot of useless little dustgatherers and moved some of my larger artworks into the room. As a result, it feels a lot calmer.

Quite unintentionally this has become a dark little area, featuring Angry Johnny, the Evil Monkeys, Bad Dog and a whole lotta bits of dead animals. I'm guessing the feng shui will be less than optimal.


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Those floors are exceptionally beautiful...

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