Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Storm (Addendum)

I got home earlier than I thought, about 8.15pm. The power was off, but as I walked up the path to my front door the house looked encouragingly intact. The giant red robot was still upright, and some gardening equipment was still sitting where I'd left it. The fences hadn't blown down and the windows weren't shattered.

Inside everything was as I'd left it that morning. It wasn't until I walked into the kitchen, and the tap of my shoes was replaced with a splash, that I knew something was wrong. I lit some candles and took off my shoes, then walked around investigating a little more closely.

There were puddles of water in the kitchen and the living room, and all of my rugs were saturated. The carpet in my bedroom was soaked from the door to halfway across the room. However, bizarrely, there were no waterstains on the ceiling or marks on the walls, so I'm damned if I can work out how the water got in there. It looks as if the wind drove the rain through the window frames into the living room, and under the front door and around the corner into the bedroom. As for the kitchen, it's a complete mystery - there was no water on the ceiling, the windows, the doors or the benchtops, but pools in the middle of the room and a sodden flokati rug.

The rugs were dragged out to the garage to dry, and the kitchen was easy to mop. I put down towels in the bedroom to sop up the water. Unfortunately the water in the living room soaked into the floating jarrah floorboards, and they've already started to expand and buckle. After doing as much as I could with towels and mops, I went to bed for an early night.

When I woke up just before 8am, the power was still off. At least now I could see. Sadly, this meant I could have a better look at my poor car.


Blogger He sings said...

Geeeez! I am so sorry to hear about this, man! I hope everything gets back to order soon! All my best to you, Joshua.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Prudence says said...

And in another building, one of 27 floors and containing the office of the premier at the top, water flooded down the lift shafts. At 4.30 or so, a young and panicky security person made a shaky announcement over the Public Address system that the lifts were not to be used. I guess the premier got his workout!

6:51 PM  

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