Monday, October 16, 2006


On Saturday morning a friend and I took a long walk, from his house in Victoria Park to the city. After a pleasant breakfast at a central city cafe, we started home again, and just happened to wander past the specialist automotive model store in the Wesley Arcade.

Well, we started to wander past, but no man can resist a shop selling toy cars. It's part of the Y chromosome, along with the mysterious drive to acquire and organise tools.

I bought three cars to add to my Mini shrine. It's a little collection of model Minis to remind me of my much-loved Blat, and it includes the original Mini badge that I souvenired from my car when it went to the wreckers.

mini shrine

I have to say that I'm now deeply enamoured with modelmaker Cararama. For very small amounts of money, they make beautifully detailed and flawlessly scaled model cars. I bought two of theirs; an authentically coloured blue-grey one and a tiny, bite-sized silver one. The larger car has delicate chrome trim and real rubber tyres... and it only cost $6. The smaller one is about half the size of my thumb but as you can see, it's still an exquisitely rendered piece of modelling. And it cost the same as a cup of coffee.

tiny mini quarter

I thought about photographing it next to a coin, to give an idea of the scale, but I realised that international readers wouldn't be familiar the size of Australian coins. So I found a more universal constant.

tiny mini and man 1


Blogger phaedrus said...

Well typed and photographed!

My vehicles of choice were jet fighters; I had the models hanging from the ceiling and manuals full of mostly meaningless specs on the maximum throughput of the Rolls Royce turbines used in the Navy variant of F-111A.


12:28 PM  
Blogger Blandwagon said...

I love the photo in the link. It's like some general said, "I want the new plane to look like someone welded together bits from a 747 and a hydrofoil, then rammed the whole thing up a proboscis monkey!"

1:42 PM  

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