Friday, February 26, 2010


According to Technorati, in 2009 there were approximately five million blogs on which at least one thing was posted in the month of June. 'Get On The Blandwagon!' was one of them (in fact I posted eight times, blogging machine that I am). Technorati has also determined that, of those five million blogs, mine was the 39,587th most influential.

This places my blog in the top 0.8% of blogs globally. Of this I am proud. Arguably most of the remaining 99.2% are compilations of knitting projects, unannotated holiday snapshots, spam blogs, Hong Kong teenagers transcribing the words to awful Cantonese pop songs with animated butterflies in the margins, collections of porn, "OMG CHECK OT THIS FUNY YOUTUBE VIDEO!!1! ITZ SO FUNY LOL LMAO WTF!!!!", and pictures of Every. Single. Baby. On. The. Planet. But I won't let that spoil the moment.

Meanwhile the 39,586 blogs that are more important than mine tend to be semi-professional jobs. Limited topics, multiple daily posts, multiple authors, and lots of Google Ads about single moms discovering the one or two simple secrets to weight loss, tooth whitening and unified field theory.

What I don't see, in either direction, are many blogs like mine. That is, random dudes chatting about whatever pops into their heads. This is the class of bloggers that appears to have been eradicated in the Great Blog Rightsizing of 2008, when the blogging phenomenon passed out of its infancy and into its adult life, having left behind an infant mortality rate to rival Bethlehem's circa 1AD. The fad ended, sorting the dedicated from the dilettantes, and the only ones left standing were armies of baby-bloggers, nerds spouting tech jargon at each other, and The Huffington Post.

And me.

It's lonely at the top. Well, thirty nine thousand, five hundred and eighty seven places from the top.


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P.S. Shout outs to Hazelblackberry, MC Etcher, Emawkc, TimT and the other quality diarising bloggers who have so far survived the Great Blog Rightsizing! Keep on bloggin'!

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