Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I've been meaning to post links to some blogs I've been enjoying, and since I seem to be breaking my recent blogging drought I figure I may as well do it now. Click and enjoy!

First we have the fine foxes at Sexy People, a collection of glamorous professional potraits gathered from around the globe. Here's my favourite:

That's one sexy family. The kids look like Midwich cuckoos who slept in and missed the whole take-over-the-world gig. Mom is either a) hanging upside down, b) freaked out on drugs or c) the Bride of Frankenstein following a successful visit to her colourist. And Dad just stole his face from a guy with a much bigger head.

Second we have the evocatively titled This Is Why You're Fat, a blog featuring the culinary equivalent of a Roger Corman movies. They're big, bold experiments in gastronomy that really push the envelope, usually with fingers so thick with grease that they tear right through the envelope and plunge into the great unknown beyond.

My arteries hurt just looking at it, and yet I challenge you to read an entire page without slavering.

Thirdly and finally there's Voodoo Village, which is what Amelie Poulain's photo/video blog would look like if she had one. It consists almost entirely of bizarre photos bunched according to theme and forgotten music videos, interspersed with just enough vintage advertising, newsreels, public education films and occasional screaming weirdness to keep it from getting same-y.

Voodoo Village is proof that the world is always unexpectedly beautiful and astonishing. Well astonishing, anyway.


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