Friday, November 05, 2010


I had a lot of fun with my Serendipity Dinners last year, so this November I've decided to run them again.

For those just tuning in or suffering from amnesia, the Serendipity Dinners are a series of dinner parties held every Friday in November. I invite virtually every person I know to nominate which one(s) they want to attend, then sit back and wait for serendipity to arrange the guest list for me. The only stipulation is that people give me 24 hours' notice that they're coming, so that I can buy enough food.

I left the advertising fairly late this year, so there were only six of us for tonight's dinner: clearly serendipity needs a fair lead in time to work its magic. But we were six quality people (or at least five quality people and one idiot who's too lazy to draw up his own guest lists), so the evening went swimmingly.

As per the rules I set down last year, the menu was entirely made up of new dishes - it forces me to try new things rather than relying on old faithfuls. For entree, taleggio and mushoom tarts with a little garnish of baby rocket. For main, roast turkey with a port, fig and cranberry sauce, with roast pumpkin, roast sweet potato and buttered peas. For dessert, grilled pineapple slices with toasted macadamias with homemade burnt banana icecream. As you can probably tell, the oven got a good workout on this occasion.

If you're a local reader of this blog and you'd like to attend one of the three remaining Serendipity Dinners, drop me a line at yevadwerdna (at) hotmail (dot) com. I've already had confirmations for each dinner so at least it won't be just you and me staring awkwardly at each other.


Anonymous Troy G said...

Would love to but I don't have any free Fridays for the rest of the month.

1:19 PM  

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